Lazy Day Savings

  Well....are you? Are you concerned at all about your future? What about rainy day savings? Can you handle an emergency without using a credit card? Hopefully you answered all those questions with a big fat YES! If the answers are NO, ask yourself.....why the hell not? In this day and time, saving money is … Continue reading Lazy Day Savings

When You Think You Can’t Save Money, You Actually CAN

I'm sitting here listening to an episode of the MadFientist. Great podcast btw! He's talking to Jim Collins. He's such a smart man! Of course I'm enjoying a nice cold Henry's Sparkling Water and really thinking about saving money. Imagine that!! seems that saving money is all I really think about these days because … Continue reading When You Think You Can’t Save Money, You Actually CAN

Get A Grip On Your Finances

What's the problem? Do you actually have a clue what you spend every month? Is your money just flying out of your pockets in all directions only to leave you flat ass broke? Why in the hell would you want to live that way? Do you enjoy being broke and living paycheck to paycheck? Hmmmm..... … Continue reading Get A Grip On Your Finances

The Decisions We Make Impact Every Aspect Of Our Lives

As I sit here pondering on life and why I'm where I am at this stage of it, I realize it's all because of the decisions I've made. Don't get me wrong... I love my life, and I'm quite content and finally for the first time in my life I realize how important wise decisions really are. … Continue reading The Decisions We Make Impact Every Aspect Of Our Lives

Why Aren’t YOU Saving Money?

So.....have you saved any money this week? If not, why? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! If you're one of the people who didn't manage to tuck away a few Georges ask yourself why. Just not motivated? Do you feel like you just don't make enough money in order to put some safely away? Maybe saving the partying … Continue reading Why Aren’t YOU Saving Money?

Interesting Financial Statistics

I recently heard some financial stats and I can't help but think of the shape of many Americans. I read some pretty interesting stats earlier and thought I'd share with you and maybe get some of your thoughts. How much money does the average American earn? How much do they owe? And how much do … Continue reading Interesting Financial Statistics

Do You Live Paycheck To Paycheck?

Living paycheck to paycheck.....hmmm does this sound familiar? I did it for years until I got tired of the insanity. There are a few reasons why one lives paycheck to paycheck that readily comes to mind. Either it really does take every dime one makes just to get by OR one wastes a lot of … Continue reading Do You Live Paycheck To Paycheck?