Lazy Day Savings



Well….are you? Are you concerned at all about your future? What about rainy day savings? Can you handle an emergency without using a credit card? Hopefully you answered all those questions with a big fat YES! If the answers are NO, ask yourself…..why the hell not?

In this day and time, saving money is SO IMPORTANT. Face it, none of us are getting any younger and who wants to be broke and OLD? None of us that’s who! If you’re not saving money, I urge you to start! It’s not hard folks. Trust me, you waste SOOOOOOO much money each and every day. Yes I said WASTE. I bet the majority of the time you eat out more than once a week right? Sure you do. You’re no different than any other LAZY individual that’s to sorry to go to the kitchen and fix yourself a meal and that translates into MORE FAT AND LESS MONEY!

What about EXPENSIVE CABLE TV BILLS? Is this really necessary? Hell no it’s not! This is definitely one of the biggest obstacles of all BROKE PEOPLE. It’s truly a shame too. Imagine all that you’ve wasted over the years just on this alone. What if all that money had been invested with an average annual rate of return of at least 7%! Face it, you’ve done this for decades so don’t kid yourself lol. You’ve literally shit away THOUSANDS of dollars and still live paycheck to paycheck.


Also in the top 3 for WASTEFUL SPENDING is OUTRAGEOUS CELL PHONE BILLS. Admit it, you’re locked in to a two year contract right at this very moment huh? Can you say…..STUPID? These blood sucking leaches will take you for BOOKOO BUCKS each and every month and try to tell you what a great deal you’re getting. YEAH RIGHT!!! All you are is a SUCKER that’s broke as hell! (At least you “carry” a nice phone but it’s not even yours lol)

All of us waste so much money and complain we don’t make enough. This cracks me up! The majority of us make plenty! We just waste 80% of it and SAVE NOTHING.

I’d say people spend irresponsibly for three main reasons:

Credit makes spending easy

While we can’t doubt the importance of building credit and using credit cards for emergencies when you’re pressed for payment, credit payments for personal items (non-necessities) is the root of the problem.

With the almighty credit card, people spend more than they actually have. It’s much easier to spend money with the swipe of a plastic card, compared to actually handing your cash over. Knowing you can defer or make minimal payments, while keeping that money in your pocket, makes it too easy to overspend. Don’t you agree? Of course you do! It’s totally TRUE!


It’s so simple to be ignorant

It’s easy to spend without keeping track of your finances.  Lol this is another example of PURE LAZINESS. It’s SOOO EASY to track your spending! Why on Earth wouldn’t you? People don’t always overspend because they want to live a lifestyle above their means, or to buy things for happiness. They overspend because they prefer not to manage their bank accounts. Such a pitiful excuse!

Financial literacy and personal finance is the most underdeveloped skills of young adults and a large percentage of the nation. People don’t understand how detrimental debt and poor financial management can be. I learned all this the hard way but thankfully I LEARNED!


You feel good spending money

Ever heard of retail therapy? It’d be a lie if I said I didn’t feel better after any excuse to spend money on stupid shit I didn’t need. That feeling of new possessions, going out with friends, or buying a gift makes spending money pretty fun. Why not indulge? Uhhhh….. maybe because you can’t afford it? You have no emergency fund? No rainy day savings? There’s three reasons YOU SHOULDN’T INDULGE! LOL

People overspend because of the evoked emotions. Mixed with the first two reasons, you’ll now see that overspending can be pretty easy for anyone. But to me it comes down to two main reasons people stay broke. LAZINESS AND SELF DISCIPLINE.

Thanks for reading,

$aving George

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