Does the Christmas Season Cramp Your Financial Life?

Hmmmm…… Christmas time. It means something different to each and everyone of us. Many people only think of Christ and what He did for us by sacrificing Himself for mankind. I ALSO BELIEVE THIS AND WILL ALWAYS HONOR AND WORSHIP JESUS CHRIST!!

Others see CHRISTMAS as a time to buy EVERYONE some sort of gift that the recipient could careless about!



Where do YOU fall in all this?

Maybe you love Jesus also but also want to SPEND MONEY like it’s going out of style. Lol….. first of all, there is nothing at all wrong with this as long as YOU CAN AFFORD IT.

If you have to go in debt just to buy gifts for people that could actually careless one way or the other…… YOU’RE CRAZY! Why go in debt to buy gifts for people that could actually careless about it?? Hmmmm….. maybe it makes YOU feel good about yourself? Maybe you feel like it’s your solemn duty? Maybe you think the gift recipients will love you more?

Out of curiosity, do you think the recipients will help you pay the bills when things get tough? Lol….hell no they won’t! CHRISTMAS is a great time of year and we all enjoy it but NEVER MAKE IT A BURDEN ON YOUR FINANCES!

During the year, prepare yourself for the Christmas season. Put X amount of money in a savings account each week just for Christmas shopping. Automate it and set it and forget!  If you put 20 bucks per week in a savings account (or whatever you can afford), the Christmas season won’t cramp your style. Then maybe you can actually afford to buy the useless gifts for people and not have to go in debt to do it!


So…..think about it. Once the so-called Christmas party is over and all the family leaves (which most you only see once or twice per year), all is left is the BILLS YOU RAN UP. What’s this mean? Are you on a fixed income? Is your job secure? Can you actually afford to pay these credit cards off in a manner in which interest charges won’t sink you? So many things to consider when you’re going hog wild running up credit card debt!


I realize that the holiday season (spirit) takes over and makes you want to give EVERYONE some sort of useless gift. My advice to you is ONLY BUY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD! CHRISTMAS doesn’t have to be a burden and it should never cramp your financial life. Always prepare for everything and that definitely includes Christmas!


CHRISTMAS is such a wonderful time of year. A time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Man has turned it into a money thing and has ruined it like EVERYTHING else he has been involved in. I’m not a scrooge but I see it for what it really is. I love giving gifts to people but I hate going in debt just to buy gifts. It’s time to be responsible and use common sense.

Only purchase what YOU CAN AFFORD and always use common sense. People will still love you and not think any different of you.

Thanks for reading,

Saving George

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