Get A Grip On Your Finances


What’s the problem?

Do you actually have a clue what you spend every month? Is your money just flying out of your pockets in all directions only to leave you flat ass broke? Why in the hell would you want to live that way? Do you enjoy being broke and living paycheck to paycheck? Hmmmm….. maybe it’s because you just don’t know how to handle money. Or maybe you feel like you don’t make enough money. Hell, maybe you really do enjoy being broke! Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be dog ass broke!



Tracking your spending

I would suggest that you track EVERY DOLLAR YOU SPEND for a whole month. I know, I know….this is aggravating and requires some time right? Of course it does! Are you so lazy that you can’t even track your spending? If so, I can’t help you. Maybe you don’t know how to do it? If that’s the case, just keep reading and I’ll give you some advice and tips on how to do it.

You can be old school and just write everything down as you spend. I also want you to categorize your spending. For example anything you spend on eating out could be called “restaurants”  or anything you spend on your vehicle could be called “auto” anyway you get the idea. There are apps and websites that do this for you and all you need to do is plug in the numbers. You’re still thinking that this is useless and requires to much of your precious time huh? To you, I say move on, you’re always going to struggle with your finances. If it’s not you, I say you’re on your way to fixing your money problems and you’ll actually be able to SAVE AND SECURE YOUR FUTURE. Tracking your spending for thirty days should give you a really good idea where your financial problems are. To all of you who says you just don’t have enough money to SAVE, I have to call bullshit. I guarantee you once we peel back the layers and look inside your spending…..there are many ways you could SAVE MONEY.  That’s why tracking your spending is SO IMPORTANT! I personally use QUICKEN but there are many more. Quicken does cost money but it’s what I’m use to and I really like it. You can also use Mint many people swear by it! Mint is totally free. Either of these two will track every dollar you spend and categorize each transaction. Once you know where your money is going, you can make the necessary adjustments to repair your financial mess. Educate yourself and practice self discipline where your money is concerned!

You work way to hard to just throw your money away and never have enough at the end of the week or month. Every hour you work is an hour you can NEVER get back. So actually every dollar you waste equates to time worked so it becomes a DOUBLE WHAMMY. Not only can you not get the time back but the money is gone as well! Who in the hell wants to live that way? To me, this is just plain STUPID. I lived this way for YEARS but finally wised up.

What if you had back all the money you’ve wasted over the years? All those fancy restaurants, vehicles, massive cable tv bills, massive cell phone bills, bars, outrageous utility bills, high priced clothing (only to be donated to Goodwill) and any other bullshit thing you waste money on. I guarantee you would have a really nice nest egg right now and life would be so much better!

This is a short blog article but I’m trying to stress the importance of not wasting your time and hard earned money on stupid shit. Concentrate on your freedom and financial security. To me, that’s what’s truly important. Your future and life is literally in your hands and every decision you make will decide it. And by the way…… don’t worry about the Joneses. They’re head over heels in debt with a negative net worth!

Thanks for reading,

$aving George


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