The Decisions We Make Impact Every Aspect Of Our Lives


As I sit here pondering on life and why I’m where I am at this stage of it, I realize it’s all because of the decisions I’ve made. Don’t get me wrong… I love my life, and I’m quite content and finally for the first time in my life I realize how important wise decisions really are. Each decision we make has consequences either obvious or not so obvious. I look around me and see so many people suffering literally simply because of the decisions they’ve made. Many consequences of those decisions last for decades. One example would be deciding to rob a convenience store maybe because you were broke or just peer pressure. That decision will cost you many years in prison! What if you just sought advice and thought it through before you acted? It probably would have saved you from going to prison! That’s HUGE! FREEDOM is extremely important!

Decisions are a choice right? You either make the right one (regardless of the self gratification) or you simply make the wrong one (regardless of the consequences). I’ve made many wrong decisions in my life so I consider myself an expert on the subject! Lol

So, what if we suddenly decide we’re going to max out our paychecks each and every week and barely get by financially? Do you think this is a wise decision? What’s the consequences? This is a decision I made over and over during my life. I’m still paying for this horrible decision. It may not be possible but my goal is to keep YOU from making poor decisions with your finances. Fortunately, I’ve straightened my life out by making better decisions.

In the fast paced microwave world we live in today, people want what they want and they want it NOW. I’m here to tell you that that leads to horrible decisions. So why can’t we think things through before making bad decisions like maxing out a credit card when we can’t even pay the rent or mortgage on time? Simply because we want instant gratification NOW and we’ll deal with it later. I’m guilty as well. I’ve did just that several times and that’s exactly why I don’t want you making the same mistakes. Consequences? It puts you deeper in debt and the interest is massive not to mention it takes YEARS to pay off.  It will lead to making late payments on other things as well which in turn destroys your credit score. When you’re young, dumb, and full of xum…. your credit score is the least of your worries huh? Guess what? Eventually you’re going to wish you’d never made that decision. Everything you blew on that horrific credit card is just a memory but the consequences are still harming you to this very day. Maybe seeking advice from a wise friend could have prevented this? This obviously is only one way bad decisions effect us. But think about it, everything we do is a DECISION.

Slow down, regroup, and actually think about the decisions you make. Just because everyone else is moving at the speed of light doesn’t mean you have to. Think things through. ALWAYS. Making wise decisions with your money will make your life so much easier. Protect your credit score, save for emergencies, save for retirement (after all, you will be OLD someday!). Everything doesn’t have to be NOW. Some things require some time and self discipline.

Think things through and don’t be afraid to seek advice. Alot of people have been in your shoes and will know EXACTLY what to tell you. Refraining from certain DECISIONS will save you YEARS of pain and suffering if you just slow down and really think about what you’re doing.


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$aving George


2 thoughts on “The Decisions We Make Impact Every Aspect Of Our Lives

  1. I think that slowing down, trying to relax, and thinking things through is great advice not just for personal finance, but for just about anything. You are spot on that everything we do is a decision, but through intertia we allow many of those decisions to be turned into habits, both good and bad. Taking the extra time to think about things can hopefully help each of us make sure we are consciously making choices, rather than mindlessly doing what we did the day before!

    1. So true! Especially when you’re young. You seem to want and need EVERYTHING when in reality you’re making a bad choice. And not just financial….most things in your life. We just need to slow down and actually think about the choices we’re making. Thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate it 🙂

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