Why Saving a Little Today Means a Better Tomorrow


Don’t take “change” for granted!

As I sit here watching the news I began thinking about our money saving journey. It seems it’s ALWAYS on my mind. Why not SAVE all we can? It’s not that hard and greatly improves YOUR FUTURE! Becoming rich (or comfortable) is one of those things many of us dream about; waking up with no financial worries, no mortgage, the money to send our kids to college, and so on. Unfortunately, few of us will ever become millionaires but we can GREATLY INCREASE OUR COMFORT LEVEL!

However, there are some ways you can start saving today so you can afford an early retirement or live comfortably working part time. Here are some  ways to save now so you’re more comfortable later.

1. Negotiate your bills.

Just because a company quotes you a price doesn’t mean it’s the best one they can offer you. Start by contacting the companies with which you have a regular bill, for example:

  • Phone
  • Insurance
  • Cable
  • Credit card

If you contact them and explain that you have been offered a better deal elsewhere, they may be able to negotiate a better price for you, especially if you are a long-term, loyal customer. If they can’t offer you a better deal, it may be worth switching providers. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SWITCH! I recently went through this with my internet service. I called and requested the deal they were giving new customers and of course they said NO. My loyalty meant absolutely NOTHING TO THEM. But being my stubborn self, I literally told them to come get their shit! I was DONE. So after transferring me to several different people I finally got the new promotion price.

2. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions.

We often get lured into paying monthly subscriptions because we feel it would encourage us to use them. Unfortunately, most of the time that’s not true and it’s just another way to eat away at our bank balance. Think about whether or not you really need the subscriptions mentioned below:

  • Netflix
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Prime
  • Gym membership

Ever pay for a gym membership for years and only use it maybe twice a year?? Lol why throw away your HARD EARNED money? Seriously? That’s like paying for 250 channels and watching only 3! Lol! STOP THE INSANITY!!

3. Shop retailers who offer rewards.

Because retailers want you coming back for more they often offer a variety of rewards such as coupons, discounted offers, and even freebies. Create an email address specifically for these programs and shop according to the deals each retailer offers every week. You can also shop secondhand or with online retailers who offer better prices, like Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

4. Ignore links that promise fast money.

There is little more embarrassing than falling for the online scams that claim you can earn thousands of dollars a month by clicking a link and investing a couple of hundred dollars. Similar to fad diet pills and online gambling, very few ever make a cent, let alone a living! What a joke! DON’T FALL FOR THIS CRAP!!

Becoming rich/comfortable takes time, patience, and DISCIPLINE, so instead of investing your hard-earned cash into what adverts call “online deals”, put it in a Vanguard investment account! Every dollar you can manage to SAVE is a dollar you can INVEST! Get BAD ASS about your saving!

5. Stop buying name brand products.

Fancy marketing is something we all fall for. Fancy packaging and catchy taglines are probably what lure you in, but here is a secret: the product is no different to your supermarket’s own brand! Aside from the product not being different, the own brand version will cost a fraction of the price! Try it! No difference! Who cares what name is on the package?? Lmao!

6. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones

Your personal goals are what should matter to you the most, not what other people are doing! Who cares how THEY ARE WASTING THEIR MONEY?! It can be disheartening to see your neighbor roll in driving a new car every year but remember that as nice as it would be to have one yourself, you don’t need it. You can get quality used vehicles MUCH CHEAPER and literally save THOUSANDS over the years! (I learned this the hard way!)  But have since wised up.


It may die today but so far so good!

Work towards something bigger and better than material possessions and you’ll reap the rewards in your future!

Get smarter with your finances TODAY and your TOMORROW will be much more comfortable.

Thanks for reading,

$aving George





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  1. Good ideas. Nowadays I’m mostly doing index investing, and happy with it so far. I’ve also heard that the Trim app/website can check your credit card bills for subscriptions you might want to cancel.

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