After All, It’s Your Money. Or Is It?

As I sit here watching the Alabama vs. Florida State football game I began to think about the world we live in and what it’s become. All the fancy commercials and ads designed to do nothing but get you to spend your hard earned money. And guess what? IT WORKS.


The last three ads have been fast food, beer, and cell phone plans. Of course we love these things and the ad creators definitely know this so non stop they shove it down our throats. I’m as guilty as anyone. I’ve wasted TONS of money on these things and wondered why there was never enough money.


Who doesn’t like the convenience of a made to order burger and fries? After all, all we have to do is roll into the restaurant of our choices drive-thru, talk to a speaker, drive forward and whip out the cash or credit card like we have millions saved and will never ever need that money again LOL. I’m guilty as well and still do it from time to time. TONS wasted over the years. Cooking at home is much cheaper and also better for us. So why don’t we? Simple…. WE’RE LAZY.


And beer… available almost anywhere. Just zip right into your favorite supermarket and grab those chips and dip while tossing a couple of 12 packs of your alcoholic beverage of choice into the buggy. After all, we have so much money and again LOL. I’ve done this hundreds of times.


And who in their right mind doesn’t love their expensive cell phone and highly outrageous cell phone plans? Again, LOL. Of course, at one point in my life, I also gave these monopolies thousands of dollars. Never again though!


I’m actually watching this game with a digital antenna but most are watching with their extremely outrageous cable or satellite packages. Again, LOL. I too was once guilty of this until I wised up. How many THOUSANDS have you give them over the decades? Add it up….the amounts are staggering!

So why do we do it? Why do we constantly waste our hard earned money? Why is it okay for us to be broke and struggling while the greedy companies get richer and richer? Food for thought.


I’ve made the decision in my life to cut the cord on all the things that constantly suck the life out of you not to mention my bank account! It’s something that you have to want to do or it will never work. You truly have to WANT it. I hear people or read comments of people saying they’re barely getting by therefore there is nothing to save. Yet these same people have cable/internet bills around $200.00 per month. If that’s not enough, they pay mega bucks for a cell phone and outrageous cell phone plan complete with two year contract. These very people also live daily at restaurants. So I definitely agree. You can $ave NOTHING living this lifestyle.

I’m definitely not passing judgement on anyone since I’ve been guilty of the exact same things. I was so bad that I had to file chapter 13. Talk about an eye opener! I guess it’s why I’m so adamant about $aving money now. I know what it feels like to struggle financially. Living paycheck to paycheck. Being broke. One paycheck away from financial armageddon. Yep been there done that! It’s not a life I want to live. I want money in the bank in case an emergency comes up. I want money invested for the future of me and my wife. I’d like to retire comfortably someday. I’d like to travel and see the world. Money is what will make this possible. Nobody is going to do this for me. I have to do it! And guess what? So do YOU!

I wish I’d been this motivated decades ago. But truth is….I wasn’t. No sense in crying over spilt milk now. How about you? Don’t you think it may be time to make some changes and get your priorities straight? After all, it’s your money. Or is it?

Thanks for reading,

$aving George

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