You don’t like your situation? CHANGE IT.



So your fed up with the way things are? You’re always broke no matter how much you bring home? I know for a fact that this SUCKS! So what ya gonna do about it? Keep doing the same ole crap over and over and over? Keep wasting every cent you make? You put in your 40 just to WASTE it all on the weekend? Now that’s REALLY living huh? Badass party man! Living and WORKING for the weekend!





I truly hope this is not YOU. I hope you have enough brain cells in your head to realize you will NEVER GET AHEAD in life living this way no matter how much fun you think you are having.

So much money is wasted each and every day with this mentality. Then we struggle financially through the week just to pay bills and eat. This is DEFINITELY no way to live. I tried it! I was a FOOL. Are you? How many thousands of dollars have you wasted living this way? How many more THOUSANDS are you going to blow? I know….you’ll make up for it working some OT right? YEAH RIGHT that’s just more that you’ll end up WASTING. I see right through all your bullshit because I was exactly the same way!


So you’re broke AF everyday except payday? Hmmm…..cry me a fuxxxxx river. You poor pitiful thing! How much longer are you going to be an IDIOT with your money? Weeks? Months? Years? Decades? You can sugar coat it anyway you like but truth is YOU’RE STILL AN IDIOT. Ya know how I know? Because I was an idiot also. What? You think maybe you won’t need the money your wasting for everyday bills and expenses? I know… can wait till next week, right? After all, you’ve worked your ass off this week and deserve it, right? Hell, we can put all this on the back burner and get to it later. LOL YEAH RIGHT! WHAT A JOKE YOU’VE BECOME!



Ok so you don’t waste your money partying. First of all, that’s great news! But you’re not out of the woods yet big guy. You do WASTE your money in other areas. Am I right? Of course I am! You have to have the very best of the best, right? You’re one of these BRAND ORIENTED people, right? If it doesn’t cost shitloads of money, it’s not worth your time, right? Is this you? Of course it is. You’re no different than the party animal above! LMAO either way you look at it…..YOU’RE STUPID WITH YOUR MONEY and are wasting TONS. Now if you make a six figure income and have your shit together, disregard this article and I praise you. Great job! But for the rest of us……WAKE THE F UP BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!! You’re not getting any younger. Quite the contrary. YOU’RE GETTING OLDER everyday! Time to stop thinking like a spoiled ass brat kid and be the adult you actually are. Stop wasting your money while you STILL CAN!




So, who comes to your rescue at least twice or three times a year? Your parents? Other family members? Or maybe you take out high interest personal loans? Maybe it’s credit cards? Come on don’t be shy! I know something or someone bails you out with your STUPIDITY. My hope is that eventually you’ll wise up and not need bailed out. Even the bailouts cost bookoos of money! Point blank…..IF YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR CURRENT SITUATION CHANGE IT. I changed mine and I’m never looking back.

Thanks for reading,

$aving George

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