The time is now. SAVE.


Saving money is obviously an important action to be taken to maintain strong financial health. Unfortunately, many of us put it off until our 40’s and miss out on DECADES OF COMPOUND INTEREST. It’s also something that many people will never do despite being widely encouraged to do so. Tomorrow holds no significance for them at all. On the other side of the coin, there are some people who actively save. Within that group, there are some that are passionate about saving.

I’m in that latter camp.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve taken a closer look at my finances and projected where I am compared to I would like to be long-term.  The results of this exercise  have pointed me in the direction of increasing my savings rate. Of course, one can only save so much but  if your income grows, so should your savings!

Clearly, there’s something motivating me, might you agree? This “long-term” notion I mentioned at the beginning of the prior paragraph naturally points to a future a need for money! Folks let’s face it. We’re all going to get old someday and we will need and want more than social security will provide.

OK – so that’s nothing different than saving for retirement, right?

Maybe…But it goes further than that.

While some savers are motivated to tuck away money for specific items (house, for example), paying off debt, or for a retirement filled with world travels – I’m primarily motivated by one thing! NOT BEING OLD AND BROKE!

Sure, WE ALL have other “aspirational” motivations, such as a glorious retirement filled with traveling around the world, living in a very nice home, spending lots of time with grandchildren, generously giving to those in need, etc. Actually, what I would really like is financial freedom as soon as possible.

Let’s get this party started quickly!

But really, it’s that avoidance of being old and broke that’s at the foundation of my interest in saving. I had always had that in some far corner in the back of my mind, but my recent endeavors have opened my eyes and mind to just how powerful SAVING really is.

I remember being in big cities and seeing old people on the streets literally begging for money. This is soooo sad. I feel for each and everyone of them. It makes me sad. It makes me stop and think now that I’m older and wiser.

What really gets to me the older people who I have seen.  While being on the street probably ages people, a few of the people I saw clearly looked to be 65+. I remember being in Denver Colorado when I was in the military. The first such person I saw was a woman, the second one an even older man. These people have never left my mind for some reason.

More than likely that’s someone’s Mom or Dad out there!

Back then, being young and naive, I really didn’t give it much thought. Now, who knows what happened in their life to get them to that point. Maybe they did some bad things? Or, maybe they had just one or two bad financial decisions or life events and they were out on the street? Tough to say. Sad whatever the reason.

Anyway, once I acknowledge that I feel bad for them, I realize that I NEVER WANT TO BE THAT WAY.

On the list of financial motivators, that’s at the top of the list for me.

What motivates you to save money? Not superficially, but at your core.  Why do you, deep down, feel the need to save?

You can definitely make your latter years more comfortable if you’ll safely tuck away money each week. Invest it and forget it. Let compounding help you and your future. Start small if you’d like and gradually increase your savings rate. The earlier you start, THE BETTER.  But regardless of your age, SAVE SAVE SAVE!


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