The BULLET is still rolling along!


Hmmmm…….the bullet? What’s the bullet you might ask? Well to me it’s a money saving machine! It’s my 2000 Chrysler Concorde.

Is it sexy? Far from it!

Is it stylish? Hell no! (Lol)

Then what is it?

IT’S NO MONTHLY PAYMENT!! And that means more $$$$$ in your savings/investment accounts!

Now I realize it’s an older vehicle and it does have a few issues (so far nothing major). Currently it has 227,496 miles on it and I drive it to work daily and run weekend errands with it. Also no payment means less expensive insurance! Win win! Awhile back, my wife had a small mishap resulting in the hood damage. My father-in-law helped me straighten it out the best we could. A radiator hose and a couple of hood screws later I WAS BACK IN BUSINESS!

Anyway, point being you don’t have to have the best, sexiest, most stylish thing going. Having no car payment is HUGE! Especially if you’re trying to reach certain financial goals in your life.


This pic is right after the accident and thank God nobody was hurt. I’ll try to get a more recent pic to share with you soon.


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4 thoughts on “The BULLET is still rolling along!

  1. Having a monthly payment is personal finance suicide! Good for you for sticking with an older vehicle without one!

  2. Hey, I just found your site through the Rockstar Directory!

    I couldn’t agree more about ditching car payments, and I hate watching my friends and family buying new cars with loans. My wife and I save so much money because we’re not making a monthly payment, and I wish they would listen to us and do the same thing!

    Although we’ve never had a car payment, we used to own two cars. We decided not to replace one of them after my sister-in-law totaled my wife’s car, and I’m glad we did. At first we were nervous about it, but we realized that if we just coordinated our schedules we could have a car when we needed it. Now we’re saving half of what we used to pay for car insurance and more than half of what we used to spend on gas, not to mention maintenance costs!

    Thanks again for the reminder, and thanks for your passion. I’ll be keeping in touch.

    1. Hello there and thanks for the response! I totally agree, car payments SUCK and almost makes it impossible to get ahead. And like you said insurance payments go up as well. New cars are nice but I’ve decided I can and will definitely live WITHOUT one. Thanks again 🙂

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