Do you live a FRUGAL lifestyle?


Why live a FRUGAL lifestyle? First of all it enables you to spend less than you earn, and use the difference to pay off debt, save or invest. PREFERABLY ALL 3.

Secondly, because the less you spend, the less you need to make! That means you can choose to work less, or work more but retire early. It will give you more options in your life!  Buying “stuff” (usually crap we don’t need) prolongs your FINANCIAL FREEDOM! I was forced into frugal living because of the choices I’ve made throughout my life which resulted in filing bankruptcy. In other words, I WAS A COMPLETE DUMBASS where my money was concerned! So when I say “I’m living it”…. and “know what you’re going through”, I REALLY MEAN IT! It has opened my eyes to what spending wisely and saving is all about. It’s something I wish I had taken more serious in my twenties! I’d be wealthy right now to say the least. But guess what? I’m on the right path now and my retirement will be much more comfortable! Making wise decisions financially will literally change your life and drastically decrease your prison sentence (mandatory work). Anyway, back to FRUGALITY. Humans fall into one of these two categories. You’re either price oriented or brand oriented. Which one do you fall into? If you’re brand oriented you have to have the nicest, biggest, fastest, and most stylish thing going. That’s all good (if you make 6 figures and even then most people are broke). Plain and simple, brand oriented translates into MEGA BUCKS!  Imagine it this way. You might as well stick your hard earned money in a birds ass and watch it fly away! Imagine if you just saved and invested that money. Even just half of it! You would have bookoos of money in your portfolio and that would be HUGE. The rest of us are price oriented which means we’re constantly looking for the better deal. We don’t have to have the biggest, fastest, and most stylish things. This translates into huge savings but only IF YOU ACTUALLY SAVE IT! If you save money on one thing then turn around and waste it on something else, what have you saved? NOTHING! It’s definitely about smart choices and wise decisions. I was brand oriented for years and I’m SO GLAD I’m not anymore. I’m now living my life trying to be smarter and making better financial decisions. Hopefully you are too!

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