Debt is slavery!

Could you live without debt?  Most people say that they cannot.  According to a Pew survey, approximately 7 out of every 10 Americans believe that “debt is a necessity in their lives”, and approximately 8 out of every 10 Americans actually have debt right now.  Most of us like to think that “someday” we will [...]

Saving for retirement. Why you should!

Consistent, dedicated saving might not be glamorous, but it will give you far more freedom and control over your lifestyle down the road. Social Security shouldn't be your only retirement plan Social Security was never meant to be anyone's sole source of retirement income. In fact, a 30-year-old making $50,000 per year today...and who might [...]

Beware of HIGH COST investing

Compound interest has a magnifying effect. It's totally amazing over time! Let's take a simple example. Suppose the stock market will return exactly 6% annually for the next 20 years. At that rate, compound interest will turn $100,000 into $320,714! Pretty damn sweet, huh? But now suppose you invest in the market through a mutual [...]

The time is now. SAVE.

Saving money is obviously an important action to be taken to maintain strong financial health. Unfortunately, many of us put it off until our 40's and miss out on DECADES OF COMPOUND INTEREST. It’s also something that many people will never do despite being widely encouraged to do so. Tomorrow holds no significance for them [...]

Budgeting is the BOMB

A personal budget or home budget is a financial plan for your home and family that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings (there's that word again) and paying off debt. Past spending and personal debt are considered when creating a personal budget. There are several methods and tools available for creating, using and adjusting a personal budget. [...]